About us

      GNSS and LBS Association of China (GLAC), founded in 1995, is a professional no-profit organization in global navigation satellite system application and location-based service at national level. It is affiliated with the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China. It boasts more than 1000 corporate members including universities, research institutes, enterprises, manufacturers, geospatial data providers etc. Its main tasks are as follows:
1.     Policy study on the industry development and guidance for the industry advancement.
2.     Organization of scientific research projects. Research results examination and assessment. Awarding best technologies and new products.
3.     Providing technical service and solutions. Promoting application of navigation technology, encouraging cooperation among companies and their customers.
4.     Organizing academic exchange, technology introduction, and knowledge popularization.
5.     Guiding improvement of the industry chains’ productivity.   
Contact  :   Fan Jingsheng
                  Deputy Secretary General
                  GNSS and LBS Association of China (GLAC)
Phone/Fax : +86-10-68181970
Address : Office 509A, Huaxin Mansion, 288, jinjiacun, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China



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